We invite you to browse our line of unique, handmade pine needle baskets and vases. We feature a line of scroll sawn and wood burnt pine needle baskets as well as finch egg shell necklaces and other unique crafts. All of our items are handmade and handcrafted by us. Our pine needle baskets and vases are unique gifts that are suitable for every occassion. Each piece is a one of a kind work of art that will be sure to please any recipient.


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About Us

Mother Basket Fourteen years ago we became interested in the creation of coiled pine needle baskets and vases. All materials are gathered by hand (i.e. pine needles, black walnuts, acorns, and leaves). As our talents grew, we were able to add more intricate designs. The difficulty levels of our selections were minimal in the beginning. Over time, with many hours of practice, we were able to create a larger variety with more designs and improved quality.

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	      Nut Star BasketAll of our creations are double stitched. Double stitching creates the designs that enhance the appeal of the final product. Several stitches are used with swirl and straight being the most common. The weaving of baskets is tightly and intricately done using nylon thread. Baskets are started by using a walnut or decorative board for the center. Pine needles are woven using nylon thread to form the shape. Slices of black walnuts are added throughout the pine needle basket to create different shapes and sizes. Baskets can contain between one and sixteen walnut slices, thus increasing the difficulty and beauty. Depending on the size and number of walnut slices used, 8 to 60 hours are required for completion.


Our one-of-a-kind creations are available for purchase on our Etsy shop. Below you will find just a small selection of our products. Please visit our Etsy shop to view all the creations we have available.

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Email us at chasmaxine@artsfromtheforest.com

Give us a call at 618-859-3101

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